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Welcome to the French Language library. Bienvenue 角 la biblioth豕que de ressources fran?aise.

This library provides you with ngành cá cược bóng đá's comprehensive and up-to-date French Language service directory, a list of French language resources, a careers section featuring positions that request French language skills as well as information for consumers and service providers on accessing French language services.

ngành cá cược bóng đá French Language Services Directory
This up-to-date directory is generated from our extensive database. It features French language health and social services and programs available throughout the South East.

French Language Resources List
A bilingual list of health and social service resources on topics including Francophone service directories, mental health and addictions, chronic diseases, settlement and integration, health from pregnancy to old age, and more.

Careers Listing Proficiency in French as Requirement or Asset
Are you proficient in French and seeking to bring your language skills to the workplace? Check out our Careers section to find job postings throughout the South East.

Accessing Services in the French Language
Unsure how to go about receiving a health or social service in the French language? Read this section to learn about the different ways you can request and obtain service in French.

Developed by the Waterloo Wellington and Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand, Brant Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), this website offers health and social service providers information and tips on how to best serve the French-speaking community.